The name of this organization shall be the Medical College Council (MCC) of the College of Medicine and is hereafter referred to in this constitution as the MCC.

The objectives of MCC shall be:

  • To provide an agency to aide the student body in the collaboration of common interest organizations and the coordination of these organizations’ events, programs, and travel.
  • To serve as the funding agency for the student organizations in the College of Medicine.
  • To develop the College Council concept at the University of Florida, and to interact with other College Councils through our participation in the Board of College Councils (BOCC) as part of student government.
  • To plan and implement programs to facilitate the advancement of medical students’ knowledge concerning issues pertinent to the future of the medical profession.

Upon approval by the Center for Student Activities and Involvement, MCC shall be a registered student organization at the University of Florida. MCC shall comply with all local, state and federal laws, as well as all University of Florida regulations, policies, and procedures. Such compliance includes but is not limited to the University’s regulations related to Non-Discrimination, Hazing, Commercial Activity, and Student Leader Eligibility.

In compliance with the University of Florida Non-Discrimination Policy (Regulation 6C1-1.006), MCC will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations, and veteran status as protected under the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act.

Membership in this organization is open to enrolled students at the University of Florida. Non-students, spouses, faculty, and staff may be associate members; however, they may not vote or hold office. All members and associate members are free to leave and disassociate without fear of retribution, retaliation, or harassment.


The officers of the MCC include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, Student Organization Coordinator, and Webmaster .

  1. The President will serve as the official representative for the MCC. He/She shall preside over all general council and officer meetings, delegate duties to other officers where seen fit, and maintain a level of organization and knowledge about the other offices at all times.  The president reserves the right to determine who may vote on executive board matters.    The president is also expected to serve as a substitute for the MCC VP in the event that the VP’s rotation schedule makes him/her unavailable to attend a BOCC meeting.
  2. The Vice President shall assist in all matters of the MCC and assume the President’s duties in his/her absence. The Vice President is the official representative to the BOCC and shall attend all BOCC meetings, rotation schedule permitting.
  3. The Treasurer shall be responsible for proposing, presenting, and managing the MCC budget. He/She shall also advise the MCC organizations in their individual financial decision-making.
  4. The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer in the management of finances and budget of the MCC. The Assistant Treasurer will be expected to become familiar with all the pertinent statutes and instructions regarding funding put forth by the University of Florida Student Government so that they are able to advance to the office of Treasurer at the completion of their term.
  5. The Secretary shall arrange meeting locations and provide notification to members, transcribe minutes, post meeting minutes to the website, assist with internal and external correspondence, and provide other administrative assistance to the officers as needed. He/she should be able to attend all MCC general board meetings without the obligation of rotations, externships, etc., and is expected to serve as a substitute for the MCC VP in the event that the VP’s rotation schedule makes him/her unavailable to attend a BOCC meeting.
  6. The Student Organization Coordinator shall serve as an advisor to the various interest group organizations and will be responsible for gathering the monthly group activity reports. He/She will assist with financing, organizing events, and creation of new interest groups as well as facilitating the organization of the year awards. He/she is also expected to serve as a substitute for the MCC VP in the event that the VP’s schedule makes him/her unavailable to attend a BOCC meeting.
  7. The Webmaster shall maintain the website and collect pictures from the MCC organizations’ events throughout the year, produce a scrapbook to compete for the BOCC Council of the Year Award, and produce a flier/brochure for the alumni highlighting the years event and activities by April.
  • Officers shall assume their official duties at the close of the last general meeting of the academic year and shall serve for a term of one academic year and/or until their successors are elected/appointed.
  • If at any time the MCC feels the officers or representatives of the Council are not properly representing it, it may call a vote on impeachment. After notification of the appropriate Dean, a majority vote of the MCC executive board will be required for dismissal by impeachment. A replacement officer or representative shall be elected from the MCC in accordance with the qualifications set forth in Article VII, Section 1, and with due haste.
  • The voting members of the executive board include: MCC officers (President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, Student Organization Coordinator, Webmaster, COM Senator), one MCC representative from each medical school class, one GSO representative, one AAMC representative, and one PA representative.


  • Any medical, graduate, physician assistant, or research track student in the College of Medicine is eligible to run for any office
  • The President, Vice President, Secretary, Student Organization Coordinator, and Webmaster will be nominated during the February MCC meeting and elected during the March MCC meeting by a majority vote of the voting members present.
  • Any member may nominate any other voting member, including himself or herself. Nominations may also be made during the election meeting prior to closing of nominations.
  • Voting will occur by secret ballot and a simple majority vote is required to elect an officer. If there are more than two candidates running and no candidate receives a majority vote, there shall be a run-off vote between the top two vote recipients at the next general meeting. No person shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.
  • The Assistant Treasurer will be nominated and elected during the September MCC meeting by a majority of the voting members present.  The term for Assistant Treasurer will begin at the October MCC meeting election and end at the March MCC meeting elections, as further detailed by Article VI, Section 1,iv.
  • Transition from Assistant Treasurer to Treasurer will occur if he/she receives a majority vote of confidence by the voting membership present at the February MCC meeting.  If the majority vote of confidence is not obtained, the office of Treasurer will be filled in the same manner as the other offices during the regularly scheduled elections in March.

The faculty advisor shall be the Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs in the College of Medicine and serve as a resource person and provide advisory support for the officers and members of the organization. The faculty advisor should attend executive and general meetings when his/her schedule permits; however, the faculty advisor may not vote in any MCC.  If for some reason the MCC determines that the Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs is not able to serve as the faculty advisor, then a replacement shall be nominated by the officers and confirmed by a majority vote of the members.

The MCC will charge no dues to its members and will apply for Student Government funding.

In the event this organization dissolves, all monies left in the treasury, after outstanding debts and claims have been paid, shall be donated to University of Florida Foundation towards the Health Outreach trips.


This constitution may be amended at any MCC executive board by a two thirds vote of the members present and voting, provided that notice of the proposed amendment was given at the previous meeting and that the proposed amendment shall be subject to approval of the Center for Student Activities and Involvement.