SNMA – Student National Medical Association


Co-Presidents Seth Daly Stennis & Brittny Randolph
Co-Vice Presidents Ciara Styles & Annalese Williams
Secretary Brooke Porter
Treasurer Martin Laguerre
MAPS Liaisons Victoria Bouillon & Tiffany Miller
Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator Ashley Gordon
Community Service Co-Chairs Agatha Formoso & Yumiko Nakamura

Mission Statement:

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA), Inc., which was founded in 1964, is a non profit corporate association of students. This organization is geared towards increasing diversity at the college of medicine as well as meeting the needs of minority students, all College of Medicine students are welcome to join.

What is the SNMA? 

The SNMA was organized to address health disparities and the special health needs of minority populations. The organization endeavors to take the necessary and proper steps to combat prejudicial practices in medicine, increase the number of members of under-represented student groups in medical education, educate the medical community about disparities in healthcare, and better the community through community service.


UF SNMA Chapter – Link

SNMA National Website – Link