Medical College Council Executive Board Meeting Minutes 01.11.09

MCC Executive Board Meeting Minutes
January 11 2009. 6:30 pm, Phone Conference
  • Sherita Holmes – President
  • Bethany Milliron – Treasurer
  • Chad Durgin – Assistant Treasurer
  • Jenna Maas – Student Organizatoin Coordinator
  • Menna Haider – Secretary
  • Chris Newman – Class of 2012 Representative
  • Tiffany Hunter – Class of 2011 Representative
  • John Faryna – Class of 2010 Representative
  • Class of 2009 Representative
  • PA Representative – Rachel Printy
  • GSO – Brandon Sack
  • Robert Applebaum – AAMC Representative
  • Senator to BOCC

Old Business

  • Family Day Special Request from the  Class of 2012 and the Graduation Reception Special Request from the Class of 2009 are no longer valid, as both parties have secured outside funding. These requests were previously placed on hold until the spring 2009 Semester by the MCC Executive Board.
  • Guest speaker for “Bench to Bedside” MCC meeting in January: Dr. Hauswirth
  • Guest speaker for “Medical Economics” MCC meeting in February: Dr. Herman

New Business

  • Troy Munn is the new Director of Alumni Affairs and will be introduced at the January MCC meeting.
  • The Alumni Golf Tournament is scheduled on March 12, 2009.  All E-Board members are asked to attend and help during this event.
  • The Executive Board unanimously voted in favour of forming a committee to establish guidelines concerning the spending of alumni funds.  The purpose of this committee is to encourage student organizations to plan more events to benefit the student body.  A second committee is to establish a list of vendours that will provide discounts for any planned lunch talks.  E-board members are asked to email the president if they are interested in participating in either committee.
  • Treasurer’s remarks: There is an auditing meeting concerning the MCC Budget in two weeks.
  • Coordinator’s remarks: There is continued progress in presenting the Medical Education Office with the MCC plaques.  Elections for incoming officers will be held in February via the online voting system.  The Class of 2012 Representative will increase awareness and participation in leadership opportunities by communicating with the class.
  • MS3 Representative remarks: There is continued progress is establishing a clerkship book collection.  John Faryna plans to attend Clerkship Directors meeting in the upcoming months to finalize the project.
  • MS 4 Representative remarks: Dr. Vidauretta will introduce Careers in Medicine this semester, and requests MCC support once the program is launched.

Next Meeting Date: February 24, 2009 at 7 PM