Medical College Council Executive Board Meeting Minutes 03.24.09

MCC Executive Board Meeting Minutes
March 24 2009. 7pm, Maren Room


  • Bethany Milliron – Treasurer
  • Chad Durgin – Assistant Treasurer
  • Jenna Maas – Student Organizatoin Coordinator
  • Menna Haider – Secretary
  • Chris Newman – Class of 2012 Representative
  • GSO – Brandon Sack

New Business

  • GSO Special Request: Brandon Sack presented a request for initiating the GSO Travel Program, which aims to provide training and networking opportunities for predoctoral students in the IDP by enabling them to travel to conferences that would otherwise have been financially restrictive.  The MCC requested an individualized budget per conference to be presented in one request.  With the understanding that this revision will be made and sent to the MCC Executive Board, the MCC voted to send this request for BOCC approval.
  • MCC will continue to accept Special Requests through April 30, 2009.