Medical College Council Executive Board Meeting Minutes 10.28.08

MCC Executive Board Meeting Minutes
October 28 2008. 7pm, Maren Room
  • John Martino – Vice President
  • Bethany Milliron – Treasurer
  • Chad Durgin – Assistant Treasurer
  • Jenna Maas – Student Organizatoin Coordinator
  • Menna Haider – Secretary
  • Chris Newman – Class of 2012 Representative
  • PA Representative – Rachel Printy
  • GSO – Brandon Sack
  • Julie Clift – AAMC Representative
  • Ryan Gerrity, Casey Gaskins – Representing Anesthesiology IG Special Request
  • Omayra Marrero,  Troy: Family Day Lunch Special Request
  • Omayra Marrero: Class of 2009 Graduation Reception Special Request
  • Diana Gomez – Spanish Table
  • Adam Bennett, Adam Mecca – APSA Special Request
New Business
  • Anesthesiology IG Special Request: The AIG requested funding (quoted total of $160.00) to offer supplementary ACLS during the months of December and January  training for rising third year medical students.  The MCC Executive Board unanimously voted in favour of funding this request.
  • Spanish Table Special Request: Diana Gomez presented a request for funding lunch (quoted total of $290.25) for the next three Spanish Table monthly meetings.  Spanish Table is an opportunity for medical students to practice and improve their medical Spanish.  The first meeting was limited to MS1 students, but the following meetings are open to all UFCOM students.  MCC suggested that Spanish Table form an interest group to budget their future funding; however, the group would like to maintain an informal atmosphere to promote student interest and participation at this time.  The MCC Executive Board voted in favour of funding this request, with two negative votes.
  • APSA Special Request: Adam Mecca and Adam Bennett requested funding to attend the 2009 APSA Conference with the goal of increasing access to resources and opportunities for UFCOM students. The MCC Executive Board requested the group re-submit the request at a closer time to the actual event.
  • Family Day Special Request:  The Class of 2012 requested funding (quoted total of  $1,820) for a catered lunch at Family Day in February. The MCC has placed this request on hold until the spring 2009 Semester.
  • Graduation Reception: The Class of 2009 requested funding (quoted total of $16,167.50) for the pre-graduation reception at Touch Down Terrace. The MCC has place this request on hold until the spring 2009 Semester.
  • SNMA Regional Conference Request:  The SNMA requested funding (quoted total of $1,000) to support the AV needs of hosting the 2008 Region IV Medical Education Conference, Medicine in the Real World, in Jacksonville, FL. The event is taking place on November 7-9, 2008.  The organization has already raised $10,000 to support the event.  The MCC Executive Board unanimously voted in favour of funding this request.
  • The MCC representative to BOCC discussed the guidelines of submitting requests to the BOCC, including the need to demonstrate personal contribution to projects prior to requesting additional funding.
Next Meeting Date: January 6, 2009 at 7 PM