Medical College Council Meeting Minutes 09.03.08

MCC General Body Meeting Minutes
September 3, 2008. 12 pm, C1-15
  • Dr. Kyle Rarey – MCC Advisor
  • Dr. Beverly Vidaurreta – Director, Office of Student Counseling and Development
  • Kathleen Bourdreau – Director, Medical Alumni Affairs
  • Sherita Holmes – President
  • John Martino – Vice President
  • Bethany Milliron – Treasurer
  • Jenna Maas – Student Organizatoin Coordinator
  • Menna Haider – Secretary
Student Organizations
  • AAMC
  • AHMA – American Holistic Medicine Association
  • AMA – American Medical Association
  • AMSA – American Medical Student Association
  • AMWA – American Medical Womens Association
  • AIG – Anesthesiology Interest Group
  • APSA – American Physician Scientist Association
  • CMDA – Christian Medical and Dental Association
  • CNP – Clinical Neuroscience Pathway
  • EAC – Equal Access Clinic
  • EMSA – Emergency Medicine Student Association
  • FMIG – Family Medicine Interest Group
  • HAMSA – Hispanic American Medical Student Association
  • HOA – Health Outreach Assembly
  • IMIG – Internal Medicine Interest Group
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Maimonides Society
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Interst Group
  • PASS- Physician Assistant Student Society
  • Pathology Interest Group
  • Pediatrics Interest Group
  • Psychiatry IG
  • SIGN
  • SNMA
  • Surgical Subspecialties
  • UFCOM 2011 Class Representative
  • UFCOM 2012 Class Representative
  • UFCOM 2009 Class Representative
  • UFCOM 2010 Class Representative
New Business
  • Dr Rarey: Welcome and Introduction
  • Dr. Vidauretta:Welcome and Introduction to Office of Counseling and Development
  • Kathleen Bourdreau: Introduction to Medical Alumni Office. Request MCC members and Pediatrics Interest Group to participate in children’s activities during the Alumni BBQ on September 27th, 2008.
  • Officers Introduction
  • President: Welcome and Overview of Workshop ideas for this year. Contact your class MCC representative with any ideas and/or suggestions to present to MCC.
  • Vice President: Reminder about September 10th meeting concerning money matters.
  • Treasurer: Reminder about adding events to Events Calendar in order to receive SAR approval. After approved events, each interest group must submit receipts to Reitz
  • union and a copy to the MCC treasurer.
  • Coordinator: Reminder about monthly activities form and Alumni BBQ on September 27th, 2008.
  • Student Organizations can refer to the MCC website at for official forms, events calendar and contact information.
  • Roll call
Next MCC General Body Meeting: Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 in C1-15 at 12pm. Organization presidents and treasurers must attend meeting.