MCC Executive Board Meeting Minutes Oct 26th 2011

MCC Executive Board Meeting
October 26th meeting at 12:00 PM Room MDL-2


  • Joshua Solano, President
  • Marielle Gross, Vice President
  • Tahnie Danastor, Secretary
  • Ryan Carver, Treasurer
  • Rachel Cohen-Shohet, 2nd Year Rep.
  • Sofia Gabrilovich, 1st Year Rep.


  • MCC budget: BOCC funding available – large amount of money allocated to program and events available, food can only be 8%.
  • Special request – needs to be considered by interest groups that used up their budget.
  • Other request: please feel free to use money budgeted to make it available for next year’s class.
  • AIG: ACLS courses this year – need to report to Executive MCC board on status of class.
  • EM: Group orientation meal – $ 50 available – needs to submit SAR.
  • EM: IV clinic – $ 100 – needs to submit SAR.
  • Kaleidoscope: Yearly event – $ 500 available – needs to submit SAR.
  • AMWA – special request available to plan more meetings.

Next General Board Meeting: November 2nd think about ideas for new lunch talks and programs.

For any question on special request or budget, please feel free to contact Ryan Carver at