MCC General Board Meeting Minutes Feb 8nd 2012

MCC General Board Meeting
February 8th Meeting at 12:00 PM Room C1-17

MCC Executive Board Attendees

  • Joshua Solano, President
  • Marielle Gross, Vice President
  • Ryan Carver, Treasurer
  • Rachel Cohen-Shohet, 2nd Year Rep.
  • Sofia Gabrilovich, 1st Year Rep.
  • David
  • John Busigin
  • Tahnie Danastor

Interest Group Attendees

(See attendance sheet)



  • SAR submission and budget. Funding sources are available for several activities.
  • Outside revenue from SG funds.
  • Idea Special Request form is available for any medical student with an idea that will benefit UF students.
  • Start preparing for officer’s elections in March.
  • Fill out all the reports to help MCC keep tract of your activities and as well helping us defending your budget for next year.