MCC Executive Board Meeting Minutes Apr 4th 2012

MCC Executive Board Meeting

October 4th meeting at 5:00 PM Room CG-22


  • Joshua Solano – President
  • Marielle Gross – Vice President
  • John Busignin – Webmaster
  • Ryan Carver – Treasurer
  • Rachel Cohen-Shohet – 2nd Year Rep.
  • Meera Srikanthan – Student Activities Coordinator
  • Mason Bonner – 1st Year PA Rep.
  • David Moshe – Treasure Elect
  • Tahnie Danastor – Secretary
  • Sofia Gabrilovich, 1st Year Rep.


  • MCC General Board Elections results are in and will be sent later on today.
  • Transition dinner will be held in Dragon Fly with the executive board as well as the student group of the year and the interest group of the year
  • Vote was held for both the student group of the year and the interest group of the year. The results will be available at a later date.
  • IGs need to fill out the SARs as early as possible to get the funds necessary in a timely manner.
  • Elections will be held for the MCC Executive Board Wednesday April 11th during the General Board meeting.
  • Ryan Carver will create a food-ordering list with the different specials that are offered.
  • Budget will be sent soon for each IG. Different changes will be made in budget.