CPR – Creative Practice | Pumpkin Carving Event | 10/26/2012


Name of Organization: CPR – Creative Practice

Other Group:

Event Information

Title of Event: Pumpkin Carving Event

Date of Event: 10/26/2012

Location of Event: Communicore building

Resubmission? No

Number of People Expected at the Event: 20

Has this event been held before? No

If so, How many participated before:

What is the Purpose of the Event? In the spirit of Halloween, CRP hopes to offer an event where students can meet one afternoon to carve out pumpkins into a design of their choice. The event will be open to all students within the College of Medicine and will provide an opportunity to promote camaraderie between students from the different health professions in a fun, entertaining environment. The finished products could also be put on display to provide a festive atmosphere befitting the season.

What is the Benefit to the State, the university, and/or your organization? This event would benefit the students in providing a fun, safe atmosphere in which to get to know their peers. Also, by placing the pumpkins on display, it would provide an excellent short term exhibit for the season.

Request Information

Item 1 Information

Vendor Description Cost
Walmart Pumpkin Carving kit (8@$8.50) $68.00
Party City Pumpkin Carving kit (8@$10.00) $80.00
Winn Dixie Pumpkin Carving kit (8@$2.50) $20.00

Item 2 Information

Vendor Description Cost
Walmart Tablecloth $5.00
Target Tablecloth $7.00
Party city Tablecloth (5 @ $1.00) $5.00

Item 3 Information

Vendor Description Cost
Dollar General tea candles C $4.00
Walmart tea candle $5.00
Target tea cadles $5.00

Item 4 Information

Item 5 Information

Item 6 Information

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Item 9 Information

Item 10 Information

Other Funding Sources

We would also like to request $25 for snack/drinks/candy for the event as well. In terms of materials, the pumpkin carving tools can be saved for next year in the hopes of keeping costs low for future events.