HMIG- Holistic Medicine Interest Group | Cancer Survival: Life After Treatment | 11/08/2012


Name of Organization: HMIG- Holistic Medicine Interest Group

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Event Information

Title of Event: Cancer Survival: Life After Treatment

Date of Event: 11/08/2012

Location of Event: Communicore – Room TBD

Resubmission? No

Number of People Expected at the Event: 50

Has this event been held before? No

If so, How many participated before:

What is the Purpose of the Event? Through the event “Cancer Survival: Life After Treatment”, the Holistic Medicine Interest Group hopes to help convey to medical students and other healthcare professional students that physically surviving cancer is no longer the end of the battle. Now, more and more, we have young cancer survivors who have gotten past the physical ailments as well as the emotional challenges of surviving cancer. But now these young survivors must integrate themselves back into the world as changed people. This panel will bring in two young survivors who are highly involved in, an online forum that also meets in person to support one another as young cancer survivors in this world. We also have a breast cancer survivor from the first year class, who will also be speaking about her experiences with life after cancer.

What is the Benefit to the State, the university, and/or your organization? This panel is not a typical oncology panel because we are bringing in young survivors primarily to discuss life AFTER cancer. Dr. Markham and Dr. Lynch will also be present to help guide the talk and to also give the physician’s perspective as medical oncologists guiding their cancer survivors back into the world that they may have been absent from for an extended period of time, helping them to find their identity anew again.

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Vendor Description Cost
Mi Apa Chicken, Black beans, white rice platters 92.97
Domino’s Large Pizzas: 3 cheese, 4 pepperoni, 2 veggie 91.54
Sam’s Fresh Fruit and Veggie Platter, Hummus, Cold Cuts, Bread, Pita, Peanut Butter 100

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Other Funding Sources

Description Amount
Yoga Classes 900
Yoga Supplies 400
Holistic Retreat Supplies & Speaker 500
Alumni Funds 100

All of our funding has been previously allocated to other programming. The $100 of Alumni Funds will be used to purchase food for our upcoming event “Intuitive Eating and Eating Disorders” and the food is going to be directly incorporated as part of the instruction session. This oncology event will be the most applicable event to a large majority of medical students and other professional students, and I therefore think that providing a lunch would be a great way to have students attend this event as well as to provide a free lunch for the panel participants who will be so generously volunteering their time for us.