MCC General Board Meeting Minutes 10-10-2012

  1. Dr. Novak on behalf of Dr. Fantone
    1. Please do the survey.
    2. Realize that access to ModCore is giving us trouble.
    3. Library will be under renovation.
    4. MDL1 will also be undergoing renovation.
  2. Dr. Viduretta
    1. Complaints about noise in the hallways from PA students.
    2. Tabitha is doing room requests for us and has to work with Teaching labs to finish it.
      1. Everything is going fairly smoothly but there are still no confirmation e-mails.
    3. Session next week called “Wearing out Stigma” co-sponsored by the Department of Psychiatry.
  3. Andrew Cutler- Webmaster
    1. E-mail Andrew if you need to make changes to your websites.
    2. Don’t forget to submit Activity Reports, works with iPhone and Android now.
    3. Be aware that the things that you put in your Activity Reports automatically populate the main page of the MCC website.
    4. Special requests are automatically e-mailed to the president, vice-president, and treasurer of MCC, so no need to e-mail the information to anyone else.
  4. Dr. Lynch talks about the admissions process.