WILD – Wilderness Medicine Interest Group | coastal considerations in medicine | 05/02/2014 – 05/04/2014


Name of the Organization: WILD – Wilderness Medicine Interest Group

Trip Information

Title of Trip: coastal considerations in medicine

Dates of Travel: From 05/02/2014 To 05/04/2014

Travel to: Jacksonville beach

Number of Expected Traveler: 20

Resubmission? No

Has the group attended before?: No
How many previously went:

Purpose of Trip: This trip is designed to take advantage of the wide variety of experience in the medical school in order to give students opportunities to learn about and practice wilderness medical skills in real world scenarios.

Wilderness medicine is not just about practicing medicine deep in the backcountry, but can be applied to any situation where medical knowledge and skills can be applied outside of the traditional hospital/clinic environment. We have people huge variety of backgrounds including lifegurads, paramedics and soldiers who have a lot to offer their peers but don’t normally get the opportunity to showcase their experiences in the classroom.

This mini conference is conceived and put on by the WMIG in order to expose students to a whole spectrum of medical considerations that could present in a common vacation modality that people find themselves in. Student’s will lead discussion groups and field exercises so that everyone will learn about specific emergencies that can happen in the coastal environment as well as practice techniques to intervene. A schedule of people who have already agreed to lead sessions is attached.

Additionally, because we will be camping and cooking together throughout the weekend, it is an opportunity for people to bond and learn while living and working alongside one another.

Budget Requests


Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
equipment transport 2 48.72 97.44



Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
camping fees 20 15.30 306.00

Other Costs

Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
meals 20 40 800.00
fuel/misc camp exp 20 5 100.00
rescue board rental 3 125 375.00

Other Funding Sources

The schedule of events for the weekend is online at:

I tried to copy it in here but the text format destroyed the formatting and it was almost unreadable. In short, we have classes on physiology of drowing, common water accidents, safety concerns for bystander rescue, rescue techniques, medical concerns for scuba diving, improvisational first aid techniques. Field sessions include ocean rescue techniques and mock medical pt. scenario.

Since this is a camping trip, we are asking for a food allowance of $20/per person/per day because people won’t be able to go out to get their own food and we want group cooking to be part of the event. Additionally, we are asking for $5 per person to cover miscellaneous camping needs such as fuel, dishwashing supplies, firewood, lantern mantles, etc.

Because we cannot spend money until approved, we have identified several location options to allow for the possibility of places filling up before we can book sites. In order they are Kathryn Hanna Park in Jacksonville Beach, Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine and KOA St. Augustine. Average camping fees, based on maximum occupancy per campsite is $15.30 per person.

We have a lifeguard instructor who is volunteering his time to teach but will need to rent equipment. Paddle boards to be used as rescue boards can be rented in either jacksonville (sunrise surf shop) or St. Augustine (Surf Station). We are asking for 3 rentals to be shared among all participants at a rate of $125 dollars/board/weekend.

Because we will have a large amount of camping and conference supplies that will have to be transported to and from gainesville, we are asking for 2 vehicles allocated for mileage reimbursement at federal $.56/mile for 87 miles to the coast. Other participant travel is at their own expense.