MMSA – Muslim Medical Student Association | Islamic Bioethics | 09/19/2015


Name of Organization: MMSA – Muslim Medical Student Association

Other Group:

Event Information

Title of Event: Islamic Bioethics

Date of Event: 09/19/2015

Location of Event: Reitz Grand Ballroom

Resubmission? No

Number of People Expected at the Event: 200

Has this event been held before? No

If so, How many participated before:

What is the Purpose of the Event? We would like to bring 2-3 speakers to talk about various interactions of the Islamic faith and medicine. Such topics would include end-of-life care, reproductive issues, and organ transplant in relation to Islam. This is meant to foster discussion about these debated topics, as well as give medical practitioners more knowledge and depth when dealing with this issues for Muslim patients.

What is the Benefit to the State, the university, and/or your organization? This will help increase knowledge of topics that are not frequently discussed, but do frequently arise, for most patients at some point in their lives. Many practitioners don’t know the implications of these topics on their Muslim patients, and thus cannot deal with this issues with as much sensitivity as they could. Thus, by using this event to promote knowledge of Islamic bioethics, we are hoping to make practitioners more able to be culturally sensitive when discussing these topics with Muslim patients, thus strengthening the doctor-patient relationship.

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United Flight to Gainesville from Denver (roundtrip) 463.20
American Airlines Flight to Gainesville 533.76
Delta Flight to Gainesville 569.20

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Holiday Inn 2 Nights Hotel Stay 144
Paramount Hotel 2 Nights Hotel Stay 122
The Lodge at Gainesville 2 Nights Hotel Stay 172

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Other Funding Sources

For the project expenses section below: Please note that this event is nearly a year in advance. We need to finalize dates with the speakers, so the September 19 date above is subject to change. However, we don’t want to be booking speakers without knowing that we can pay for their travel and housing. Thus, we’re hoping to get somewhere along the order of $1000 from Student Government to pay for housing/plane tickets for 2-3 speakers. The airline quotes above will change based on when we book. We’re also working with the Center for Spirituality and Health, Islam on Campus, and the Center for Global Islamic Studies to help fund this event as well, but those discussions are happening simultaneously to this proposal to Student Government, and no final amounts have been set.