OIG – Ophthalmology Interest Group | Aerospace Medical Association Conference | 05/10/2015 – 05/14/2015


Name of the Organization: OIG – Ophthalmology Interest Group

Trip Information

Title of Trip: Aerospace Medical Association Conference

Dates of Travel: From 05/10/2015 To 05/14/2015

Travel to: Orlando, FL

Number of Expected Traveler: 1

Resubmission? No

Has the group attended before?: No
How many previously went:

Purpose of Trip: This application is for funding to attend the Aerospace Medical Association’s 86th Annual Scientific Meeting held in Orlando, FL from May 10th – 14th. I am interested in attending this conference to learn more about the field of Aerospace Medicine and the unique ophthalmological concerns associated with aviation and aerospace travel (including recently discovered visual impairment caused by exposure to long term microgravity). This year offers UF students an easier opportunity to attend the conference as it is located in Orlando (compared to Atlantic City, Denver and Dallas the next three years). Some presentations regarding Aerospace Ophthalmology I plan to attend at the conference include “Visual Impairment and Intracranial Pressure Syndrome: Progress to Date”, “Vision and Performance in Aerospace Medicine”, the Joint Color Vision Working Group panel, and “Ophthalmology Regulations for Pilots”.

Unlike most other fields of medicine, it is nearly impossible to gain exposure to Aerospace Medicine in Gainesville through UF Health. Attending this conference would allow me to not only explore the field of Aerospace Medicine but also learn about a unique and exciting topic within the field of Ophthalmology. After attending this conference, I plan to share my exposure to Aerospace Medicine with other UFCOM students and am even considering restarting the Aerospace Medicine Interest Group that previously existed at UFCOM.

In this application, I am asking the MCC to help cover the conference registration fee of $100 and the gas money it would take to drive to Orlando and back (about $35).

Budget Requests


Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
Gas money for travel to Orlando and back by car (~260 miles) 1 $35 $35


Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
Medical student registration fee 1 $100 $100


Other Costs

Other Funding Sources

Description Amount
I plan to arrange my only lodging and cover the cost of food while in Orlando