FMIG-Opportunities in Family Medicine

We were joined by a panel of 3 Family Medicine physicians who had a background in the different specialties within the field of family medicine. They discussed the opportunities available for family medicine physicians to complete fellowships in adolescent medicine, emergency medicine, geriatrics, hospice/palliative care, obstetrics, hospitalists, international care, preventative medicine, sports medicine, substance abuse, women’s health, etc. They were able to draw on their personal experiences as well as their knowledge of the different career paths available to answer questions posed by first and second year medical students. Many students admitted that they did not know there were so many choices for specializing in family medicine prior to the presentation and were excited to learn about the field. Overall, the meeting was well received and was the perfect way to start off the year by exposing students to an educational presentation on what family medicine has to offer as a career path.