PASA – Physician Assistant Student Association | American Academy of Physician Assistants Annual Conference | 05/15/2017 – 05/18/2017


Name of the Organization: PASA – Physician Assistant Student Association

Trip Information

Title of Trip: American Academy of Physician Assistants Annual Conference

Dates of Travel: From 05/15/2017 To 05/18/2017

Travel to: Las Vegas, NV

Number of Expected Traveler: 20

Resubmission? No

Has the group attended before?: Yes
How many previously went: 48

Purpose of Trip: The American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) Annual Conference is a unique opportunity for PA students and professionals to come together to learn, network, and develop leadership skills geared to the PA profession. As students, we will be able to attend lectures by noteworthy speakers, Spark Sessions on the latest medical practices specific to the PA profession, and CME sessions. As first-year students still grasping the scope of our future practice that is continually changing, this conference is essential to our understanding of the PA profession. During the CME sessions, we will be able to cultivate our skills in suturing, casting, and EKG interpretation to name a few. These workshops will help develop basic skills that we will need as rotations start in the summer. Additionally, the conference will help us successfully enter our profession after graduation as we will learn about interview preparation, resume writing, and contract negotiation. Lastly, the conference will provide networking opportunities between fellow students and professionals during a Career Fair. Building meaningful connections with peers from all over the nation will provide a strong foundation for future rotation and employment opportunities.

The greatest benefit to the College of Medicine and the Gator Nation will be our organization's participation in the Student Challenge Bowl. The bowl is an academic competition between physician assistant students from all programs in the nation. Each program can send students in teams to challenge each other on questions styled after board exams. The University of Florida created the first public physician assistant program in the state of Florida and has remained the only public program since this year. Representation of the University of Florida is imperative at the Student Challenge Bowl. Our program nationally ranks higher than any other program in Florida, therefore, it is critical that the university is represented. The University of Florida has not placed in the Student Challenge Bowl in recent years and it is our goal to win the bowl this year. The Physician Assistant Student Association is ready to represent the prestige, accomplishment, and success of the College of Medicine.

Budget Requests


Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
Frontier Airline Flight 20 279.91 4198.65


Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
Conference Registration 20 165.00 2475.00


Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
Luxor Hotel 20 132.55 2651.00

Other Costs

Other Funding Sources

Description Amount
AAPA Travel Grant 500.00

The students in the Physician Assistant Class of 2018 submit this request in hopes that at least some of the travel costs of the conference can be funded. We realize this is a large request, but any amount of funding will help us greatly. This is one of the only conferences and the largest conference that we attend as PA students. There is some funding allotted in our budget from SG for this conference, but the amount will only cover the costs of 2 students.

Thank you for considering our request. We look forward to proudly representing UF COM and PASA.

Go Gators!