AIG – Anesthesiology Interest Group | ASA ANESTHESIOLOGY 2017 | 10/20/2017 – 10/22/2017


Name of the Organization: AIG – Anesthesiology Interest Group

Trip Information

Title of Trip: ASA ANESTHESIOLOGY 2017

Dates of Travel: From 10/20/2017 To 10/22/2017

Travel to: Boston, MA

Number of Expected Traveler: 5

Resubmission? No

Has the group attended before?: No
How many previously went:

Purpose of Trip: Professional and clinical skills development at a national conference. There will be seminars on residency applications, patient safety, the nature of the field of anesthesiology, and clinical skills workshops.

Budget Requests


Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
Round Trip Flight Orlando to Boston 5 225 1125


Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total


Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
Air BnB Lodging near Conference Center 5 175 870

Other Costs

Other Funding Sources

We are trying to book as soon as possible, but realize any approved purchases will only be approved if they are completed after SG approval. We're hoping for an expeditious ruling on this so we can go ahead and reserve flight and room. Thank you for consideration. Prices listed are based on cheapest, currently available options.