LMSA – Medical Spanish: The Pulmonary Exam

Event held by LMSA – Latino Medical Student Association on 03/27/2018:

The Latino Medical Student Association hosted a Medical Spanish workshop led by pulmonologist Dr. Jorge Lascano. The attendees were first taught some key medical terms to know and use when interviewing Spanish-speaking patients about their lung health and function. Then, the room was divided into several small groups where bilingual undergraduate LMSA members acted as patients with a pulmonary-focused chief complaint. The UFCOM students had to put their newly minted medical Spanish knowledge to the test. Students worked as a team to ask their “patients” questions, and communicated with them throughout the physical exam. As students learned phrases and introductions like “respira profundamente”, and “buenos dias, mi nombre es….”, they simultaneously worked towards becoming more inclusive and engaged providers.