CMDA – Talk with Dr. Diane Howell

Event held by CMDA – Christian Medical and Dental Association on 02/05/2021:

Dr. Diane Howell is a Pediatrician and a faculty member at UF COM. She is a double gator as she completed both her undergraduate degree and medical education at UF.

She shared how she became a medical student at UF and how she dealt with a difficult experience during medical school. She spoke on how she relied on God during this time. Additionally, Dr. Howell gave advice on remaining rooted in God’s word even as we get busy during dedicated study for Step, as well as clinical rotations.

During the talk, she mentioned how it was important for us, as medical students and future physicians, to remain patient and humble as we go through training and when we start working with patients. She reminded us that medicine is a calling that places certain responsibilities on us, and having people such as supportive spouses and reliable mentors in our lives make fulfilling these responsibilities easier.

Dr. Howell also answered questions on dealing with burnout and disappointment when patients do not take responsibility for their healthcare or when patient outcomes are not favorable.

It was helpful to acquire insight on the challenges that Christian physicians face in their clinical practice, as well as how Dr. Howell manages these challenges and remains positive.