Cardiac ICU Documentary and Discussion

Event held by CIG – Cardiology Interest Group on 05/21/2021:

For our first meeting of the semester, we watched a documentary called “Making Rounds: Medical Education Documentary Film.” The documentary followed two cardiologists at Mount Sinai Medical Center as they went on daily rounds and taught fellows, residents, and medical students. Throughout the film, students watched how the cardiologists took different approaches to ensure that patients received the best care possible.

After the film, we discussed different themes and trends we noticed. One student pointed out how the doctors handled patient autonomy and respected decisions about receiving care. Another student commented on how the doctors advocated strongly for the history and physical exam as the most important elements for diagnosis rather than lab results or imaging. We also discussed what pertinent information we could gain from physical examination and how topics that we had recently covered in our cardiovascular course presented in the clinical setting. Lastly, we closed the meeting by brainstorming ideas and initiatives in CIG for the 2021-2022 academic year. This was a fruitful and engaging meeting, and we look forward to having more in the fall!