AIG – Anesthesiology Interest Group | ASA National Convention 2022 | 10/21/2022 – 10/23/2022


Name of the Organization: AIG – Anesthesiology Interest Group

Trip Information

Title of Trip: ASA National Convention 2022

Dates of Travel: From 10/21/2022 To 10/23/2022

Travel to: New Orleans, LA

Number of Expected Traveler: 5

Resubmission? Yes

Has the group attended before?: No
How many previously went:

Purpose of Trip: The delegate will accompany Nick Davies (current ASA national president) to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) national conference to participate in the ASA House of Delegates on behalf of UF. In addition, several fourth year students who are applying to anesthesia residencies are hoping to attend in order to network with residency directors. The conference has many talks and networking opportunities that allow for exploration of the field and will work to improve UF's connection with the association.

Budget Requests


Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
Flight 5 200 1000


Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
Registration 5 55 275


Description # of Travelers Cost/Traveler Total
Hotel 5 300 1500

Other Costs

Other Funding Sources

We had previously submitted a travel request prior to knowing that there were MS4s interested in attending. This submission includes the four MS4s and the national delegate who want to attend this year's meeting.