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Activity Report

Intro to Integrative Medicine

Event held by IHMIG- Integrative Health and Medicine Interest Group on 02/26/2020: Dr. Estores, the Medical Director for Integrative Medicine at Shands, came speak to us about the field of Integrative Medicine and how it can help patients we may encounter in the future. This was a great opportunity…

Wellness with MMSA

Event held by MMSA – Muslim Medical Student Association on 02/25/2020: MMSA held a meeting on how to stay balanced and focus on wellness during the MS1 organ systems curriculum. We also discussed study strategies for organ systems.

PathIG – “23 without me” The Dangers of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

Event held by PathIG – Pathology Interest Group on 02/20/2020: Dr. Robert Seifert went above and beyond, presenting the history of DTC gentic tests, industry advertisements and statements, and description of regulatory standards. He was open about sharing his opinion and moderated a riveting discussion with attendees.

MMIG – Military Medicine Applying for the Match

Event held by MMIG – Military Medicine Interest Group on 02/19/2020: The purpose of this lunch talk is to share experiences and tips related to the military match process such as applying for away rotations and residency positions. Our recently matched 4th year medical student Jonathan Cho (navy) shared…

Best of Hospital Derm with DIG

Event held by DIG – Dermatology Interest Group on 02/19/2020: We owe a huge thank you to Dr. Montanez and her team for compiling a handful of intriguing and rare cases to share with the med students. Dr. Satcher did a wonderful job walking through numerous cases that she…

Geriatric Psychiatry

Event held by PsychIG – Psychiatry Interest Group on 02/18/2020: Dr. Uma gave a talk on Geriatric Psychiatry.

Fetal Surgery and the Unborn Patient

Event held by MGFL – Medical Gators For Life on 02/14/2020: Dr. William Lile showed us examples of some of the amazing surgeries that can be done on prenatal patients, including spina bifida repairs and cardiac surgeries.

COMmunity meeting- Stress

Event held by COMmunity on 02/13/2020: A small group of students met to share stories about times when they felt particularly stressed or challenged during medical school, and things they have found helpful for them in maintaining balance and coping.

FMIG – Starting Clerkships

Event held by FMIG – Family Medicine Interest Group on 02/12/2020: The FMIG hosted a lunch meeting featuring a panel of 3rd and 4th year students who shared experiences and advice on 3rd year clerkships.

CMA Bioethics with Dr. Thornton

Event held by CMA – Catholic Medical Association on 02/07/2020: Dr. Thornton, chief of psychiatry, gave a biomedical ethics talk geared towards those who aim to be ethical and effective practicing Christian physicians, followed by Q&A. Chick Fil A was provided!…