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Activity Report

Global Healthcare Physician Panel: Military Surgery and Medicine

Event held by GSMIG – Global Surgery and Medicine Interest Group on 01/15/2020: GSMIG and MMIG joint hosted a panel of at least 5 physicians with US military service to speak of their time providing medical and surgical care on a global scale: providing care to service members internationally,…

Neurology Talk with Dr. Babi

Event held by SIGN – Student Interest Group in Neurology on 01/08/2020: Dr. Marc-Alain Babi, a neurointensivist at UF, spoke to medical students about the daily life of working in neurocritical care, ethical issues encountered in his practice, balancing medicine and personal life, and some interesting cases from the…

SSIG – Plastic Surgery/Cases

Event held by SSIG – Surgical Subspecialties Interest Group on 12/17/2019: For our last meeting of the semester, we hosted Dr. Bruce Mast, professor and chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at UFCOM. He gave a brief overview of the field of plastic surgery and presented surgical cases, all…

Trauma Simulation

Event held by SIMS on 12/16/2019: The Student Initiative in Medical Simulation assembled for a trauma case involving an open book pelvic fracture.

MSFC Conference

Event held by MSFC – Medical Students for Choice on 12/07/2019: MSFC attended the 2019 Conference on Family Planning in Philadelphia. We had the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of subjects related to reproductive healthcare, abortion, and how physician can be advocates for the pro-choice movement. We…

Critical Care Ultrasound Introduction

Event held by USIG – Ultrasound Interest Group on 12/06/2019: Thanks to critical care attending Dr. Pizzi and our advisor Dr. DePortu, MS1-MS3 students learned about uses of ultrasound in the critical care setting. Students were able to learn hands-on the parasternal long view of the heart, parasternal short…

Introduction to IR

Event held by IRIG – Interventional Radiology Interest Group on 12/06/2019: IRIG held a lunch talk by Dr. Linda Armstrong, geared towards med students looking to understand more about IR as a field. This includes different types of procedures that are performed, the routes that can be taken to…

Introduction to ENT

Event held by ENTIG – ENT Interest Group on 12/05/2019: Dr. Adam Snoap, an ENT resident, came and spoke about the field of otolaryngology and what his life like a resident is like.

SSIG – Surgical Skills Workshop 2

Event held by SSIG – Surgical Subspecialties Interest Group on 12/05/2019: SSIGs second skills workshop of the semester was focused on laparoscopic surgery, with kits that allow students to practice basic laparoscopic technique. Additionally, there was suturing materials for students to continue to practice knot tying skills.

MCC – Lunch Meeting on Wilderness

Event held by WILD – Wilderness Medicine Interest Group on 12/04/2019: Dr. Abo (EM) spoke about his different experiences in Wilderness Medicine and how we can apply skills in low resource settings.