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Activity Report

Maren Room Rededication

This year Creative Practice brought back the annual tradition of the Maren Room Rededication Ceremony. The Marens were in attendance along with medical students and faculty. The rededication had seven performances ranging from classical piano to a blue grass band. Student artwork was also featured at the event.

RadOnc and OncIG Dinner at Hope Lodge

A group of 12 first and second year medical students volunteered with the Radiation Oncology and Oncology interest groups at the Hope Lodge. The students cooked “dinner for breakfast” for the residents staying at the American Cancer Society Winn Dixie Hope Lodge and played bingo afterwards. The residents were very…

NIM – PKU Lunch Talk

Helen McCune, a registered dietitian who specializes in metabolic disorders, gave a presentation about nutrition intervention and the role of an RD on the patient care team for patients with PKU. She went over the PKU diet, why its necessary, and the consequences if it is not followed properly. She¬†also…


GI specialists in both general gastroenterology and hepatology spoke to medical students regarding commonly encountered diseases and treatment approaches. Also, various imaging technologies, such as video endoscopy and colonoscopy were shown.

HIV/AIDS in 21st Century

On the eve of World AIDS Day (December 1st), medical students received a discussion about living with HIV/AIDS in the 21st century. Students heard from Dr. Bradley Bender, an infectious disease doctor that specializes in the treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS as well as two members of the Gainesville…

UF Proton Therapy Institute Field Trip!

A group of 8 first and second year medical students took a day trip to Jacksonville, FL to visit the world renowned UF Proton Therapy Institute. This is a unique and cutting edge treatment facility for cancer patients needing radiation therapy. The students were given a tour of the…

AMWA Breast Cancer Awareness

On Oct. 29, 2012 the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month with special case presentations from Dr. Duff. Students were presented with several cases and worked through them to understand how to diagnose breast cancer and breast related issues. Additionally, Sheila McThenia, MS1 also shared her…

HAMSA – Hispanic Health Fair

HAMSA had the opportunity to participate in a health fair geared towards the Hispanic community this past Sunday. Besides receiving free health screenings from us, the patients were also able to get information about arthritis, diabetes, and HIV, among others.