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MGFL – Pregnancy resources to know about MGFL – Pregnancy resources to know about

Nov 4th, 2019

Event held by MGFL – Medical Gators For Life on 11/04/2019: Three representatives from SIRA Gainesville spoke on the resources they offer for women in unexpected pregnancies.

A Day in the Life of a Pediatrician A Day in the Life of a Pediatrician

Nov 1st, 2019

Event held by PIG – Pediatrics Interest Group on 11/01/2019: We recently hosted a panel of faculty from the Department of Pediatrics to learn about what they do on a daily basis in their different specialties. We heard from Dr. Co-Vu, a Pediatric Cardiologist, Dr. Kang, a Pediatric Neurologist, Dr. Rohrs, a Pediatric Endocrinologist, Dr.…

Ophthalmology Resident Panel Ophthalmology Resident Panel

Oct 30th, 2019

Event held by OphthoIG – Ophthalmology Interest Group on 10/30/2019: This is an introductory meeting about Ophthalmology discussing a career in Ophthalmology and some eye clinic tips. We will had Ophthalmology Residents Dr. Andersen, Dr Stroman, Dr. Duff, and Dr. JP as our guest speakers.

Finances in the Transition to Residency Finances in the Transition to Residency

Oct 29th, 2019

Event held by GFW on 10/29/2019: In this meeting, Dr. Casey Beal discussed finances during the transition from medical school to residency. We had a wonderful Q/A afterwards about financial tips moving forward!

COMmunity: Finding Your Balance COMmunity: Finding Your Balance

Oct 28th, 2019

Event held by COMmunity on 10/28/2019: UFCOM students of all years gathered to discuss the seemingly impossible feat of balancing academics, life, and mental wellness in medical school. We all came away from the meeting with new ideas, wellness plans, and connections that will be invaluable as we proceed through medical school.

Policy of Pharmaceutical Pricing Policy of Pharmaceutical Pricing

Oct 28th, 2019

Event held by HPAAG – Health Policy and Advocacy Action Group on 10/28/2019: Students gathered to hear Dr. Guzick, Dr. Enneking, and Dr. Johns speak about the policy of pharmaceutical pricing, how this affects the patients we serve, and potential solutions to this important issue.

White Coat Company Performance Meeting White Coat Company Performance Meeting

Oct 28th, 2019

Event held by CPR – Creative Practice on 10/28/2019: We had a day of painting and mentoring with UF AED undergraduate pre-health honors students. We provided an opportunity for undergraduates to ask questions of the medical students, while providing a wellness opportunity for the medical students, with baked goods and painting.

Women in Hematology/Oncology Panel Women in Hematology/Oncology Panel

Oct 24th, 2019

Event held by OncIG – Oncology Interest Group on 10/24/2019: We would like to thank Drs. Julia Close, Jennifer Duff, Merry Markham, and Martina Murphy for enlightening the field of hem/onc during our most recent lunch meeting. We are looking forward to hosting a bone marrow registry drive soon, so stay tuned!

FMIG Meeting on Rural Medicine FMIG Meeting on Rural Medicine

Oct 16th, 2019

Event held by FMIG – Family Medicine Interest Group on 10/16/2019: FMIG was happy to host Dr. Hatch, who explained the patient population and diverse practices of a rural medicine doctor. We look forward to everyone coming out for our Wine and Cheese night with the UF Family Medicine residents and staff on November 15…

SNMA – Mountains, Hills, and Valleys; A Talk with Dr. Parker SNMA – Mountains, Hills, and Valleys; A Talk with Dr. Parker

Oct 15th, 2019

Event held by SNMA – Student National Medical Association on 10/15/2019: At SNMA’s first meeting of the Fall, students had the ability to hear from Dr. Donna Parker, Dean of Diversity and Health Equity, Assistant Professor in Pediatrics, and a beloved mentor to us all. We learned about her pathway to medicine, journey to becoming…