Room Request

  • Room requests are for MCC registered Student Interest Groups, if your group is not listed on the MCC page, your request may be denied or charged a rental fee.
  • When making the room request, please include your student IG abbreviation, such as “OBGYN Interest Group”, along with the name of the event (abbreviations that match your respective MCC page preferred).
  • The student leader should make the reservation as some faculty mentors do not have access to our EMS (room request) system.
  • Rooms should NOT be reserved for studying. As always, if the room is available, please feel free to use it. We now have displays outside our rooms with regularly updated schedules to help with planning.
  • If you have a student sponsored event you would like to host, but are not part of an MCC student group, please be aware you may be charged a rental fee. See rental policy.
  • Any event that occurs after hours, especially if food is served, will require custodial coverage. Custodial coverage can be arranged by calling 352.392.1121


A room request does not equal a room approval. If you have not yet received the confirmation email then your request is pending. Confirmations are generally sent within two business days of receiving the request. Please plan accordingly.

  • Further questions should be directed to the MCC Board.