Event Follow-up

Here you’ll be able to access forms for documentation:

  1. Activity Report Form
  2. Catering Submission Form

*** Scroll down to find the Catering Submission Form. ***


Activity Report

MCC Organization Activity Form

Check out submissions from past IG meetings held. Submit here to get your event on the home page , and ensures your interest groups is held in good standing.

Please fill this form out after each event. All items are required and are marked with a ” * “

  • Please enter an event title with your Group name. For example: “MCC – Cookout”
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (UFL email)
  • NOTE: This will go on the website about your event, and will most likely be featured on the homepage at some point, so please be descriptive!
  • Please provide the total amount spent using all available sources to you including non-MCC funds.
  • ***I know yall got the fancy new phones, but use a photo COMPRESSION app to decrease your photo file size! 6mb files won’t fly. Please, <1 mb.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • We are just as busy as you. Please save us from having to do this manually

Catering Follow-up