AMWA – American Medical Women Association


Co-Presidents Megan Burin & Yasmeen Murtaza
Co-Treasurers Sudha Dhulipala & Katelyn Neller
Faculty Advisor Amanda Maxey, M.D.

Welcome to UF’s American Medical Women’s Association!

Our chapter of AMWA is dedicated to providing medical students opportunities to hear from and connect with women in medicine from a variety of subspecialties. We want to illustrate the variety of ways that women can thrive and pursue their passions in the medical profession while also balance their career with their lifestyle. We also want to shed a light on and attempt to address unique issues that women still face in medicine today.

What is AMWA?

From the AMWA website: “The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) is an organization of women physicians, medical students and other persons dedicated to serving as the unique voice for women’s health and the advancement of women in medicine. The organization was founded by Dr. Bertha VanHoosen in 1915 in Chicago, at a time when women physicians were an under-represented minority. As women in medicine increase in numbers, new problems and issues arise that were not anticipated. AMWA has been addressing these issues for 95 years.”

AMWA connects medical students with women physicians from a variety of specialties through panels, discussions, and collaborations with other interest groups. UF COM AMWA is also partnered with the undergraduate AMWA chapter through a mentorship program where undergraduates have the unique opportunity to connect with and learn from medical students on a regular basis.


American Medical Women’s Association