APSA – American Physician Scientist Association


Co-Presidents Annika Liu, Sarah Tatum
Co-Treasurers Chance Fleeting
Faculty Advisor Dr. Ali Zarrinpar

Welcome to the American Physician Scientist Association!

The purpose of the American Physician Scientist Association is to foster research training and career development for students who have an interest in building part of their career around basic, translational, epidemiological, or clinical research. Our local chapter is interested in providing opportunities for students interested in research at all levels to meet and learn from successful physician-scientists and others here at UF who could serve as advisors and mentors. We are also interested in giving students who are actively conducting research an opportunity to present their findings to their peers.

What is the APSA?

APSA began when a UF medical student decided to create a national organization that could connect physician-scientists in training with their peers and with training and career development resources across the country.

MD-PhD Training Program

For those students interested in applying for acceptance into the combined MD-PhD Training program, please contact our program coordinator, Skip Harris, at Skip.Harris@medicine.ufl.edu. Students in their 1st and 2nd years of medical school are invited to seek more information about applying.

Other Resources