CPR – Creative Practice


Co-Presidents Nadia Kabbej & Sally Lu
Co-Treasurers Alyssa Pasvantis & Yudee Amanamba
Faculty Advisor Dr. Maria Velazquez

Welcome to the Creative Practice!

Creative Practice is a group composed of medical students and faculty who believe that artistic expression is a vital part of medical education. Our purpose is to promote artistic expression in any number of ways among students and faculty as a means of enriching our lives and those of the patients that we help care for. We believe that art and creative expression should be included among the many credentials of a doctor. Some of the events we have done in the past are the rededication of the Maren Room, dancing for or creating art with patients on the wards, and painting lessons. We have an online website featuring medical student artwork, music, dancing, and other ways of creatively expressing yourself. Please stay tuned for similar fun and exciting future events!

Creative Practice tries to highlight and encourage the continued creative expression of medical students. This expression can come in a wide variety of ways such as dancing, playing musical instruments, or just making funny YouTube videos. The goal of this club is to provide opportunities for students to practice an art that may have otherwise be neglected in their busy lives.

What is White Coat Company?

One amazing part of our group is the White Coat Company. It is a chance to step into the role of an actor, singer, or dancer and just get out there and bring some fun to the pediatric patients at Shands, disabled kids/adults in the community, and even to our classmates, friends, and families at UFCOM’s Friends and Family Day! It is an entirely student-run amateur theater production – from the directors and scriptwriters to the participants, to the musicians, sets, costumes, and props. In the past, we have put on abridged versions of shows such as Frozen, Moana, Tangled, Monsters Inc, and Lion King. Please look forward to this year’s productions of The Little Mermaid and Shrek, and don’t hesitate to join! No prior experience is necessary to participate. Make sure to look out for more information on tryouts if you are interested in a show role! Please contact any of the officers if you would be willing to help with set/props/costumes or any other creative ideas for the shows.


White Coat Company Facebook Group