MGSO – Medical Graduate Student Organization


President Tiffany Nelson
Vice President Baylea Davenport
Treasurer Zachary Markovich
Secretary Ajisha Alwin
Faculty Advisor Dr. David Bloom

Welcome to the UF College of Medicine – Graduate Student Organization!

This is a student led organization of the University of Florida and is under the heading of the College of Medicine. Anyone is welcome to join this organization, but the main role is to focus on the further education and needs of non-professional graduate students in the College of Medicine. This includes, but is not limited to Master degree, PhD and MD/PhD students of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (GP-BMS) .

  1. The COM-GSO provides a forum for graduate students at the College of Medicine to address issues involving faculty, curriculum, facilities, and policies both at the College of Medicine, as well as the University of Florida.

  2. The COM-GSO serves as an advisory board, sending representatives to the Medical College Council (MCC), the GP-BMS Advisory Board, the College of Medicine Student Advocacy Committee (SAC) and the Graduate Student Council (GSC).​

  3. The COM-GSO works to facilitate graduate student organizations and activities that involve education, recruiting, and philanthropic efforts.​

This organization is important for the University of Florida and for the students within to embrace the community