HQA – HealthQueer Alliance


Co-Presidents Daisy Valle & Xuban Palau Villarreal
Co-Treasurers Raja Al-Bahou
Faculty Advisor Stephanie Ryan

Welcome to the Health Queer Alliance!

HealthQueer Alliance is an LGBTQ+ interest group at the University of Florida that is dedicated to education, equality and community within the health sciences.


  • To educate tomorrow’s health care providers
  • Promote equal health opportunities for all patients
  • Foster community within LGBTQ and allied students in the health sciences


Everybody! HQA is enthusiastically all-inclusive.


HQA is a LGBTQ+ health interest group open to all students involved in the health sciences at University of Florida. We strive to educate tomorrow’s providers and eliminate inequities in health care while fostering community among LGBTQ students and allies.


There are distinct gaps in health and health care concerning the LGBTQ community, including access to care and health education. HQA values community in order to support LGBTQ students, educate on queer health, foster diversity, and eliminate stigma.