MGFL – Medical Gators For Life


President                  Stacey Kirkpatrick & Holly Ryan
Treasurer Joe Guernsey
Faculty Advisor Dr. Joe Thornton

Welcome to Medical Gators For Life!

Medical Gators for Life is a new student organization at UFCOM. We were approved in 2017 by the MCC to enhance the UFCOM learning environment marked by a robust, tolerant exchange of ideas. As a group, we are committed to fostering diversity of both culture and opinion on the right-to-life issues. MGFL allows pro-life medical students to have a means to dialogue with one another concerning the medical, philosophical, and personal perspective on life issues, as well as equip future physicians to address the complexities of right-to-life issues to best serve our patients.

Future Events

We have monthly lunch meetings where we discuss specific issues relating to abortion, women’s health, birth control, and legal and ethical concerns. Our tentative calendar for the Spring 2017 semester meetings includes:

  • January 2017: What is MGFL?
    • Led by MGFL officers
  • February 2017: Birth Control and Unintended Pregnancy
    • Guest Speaker: Dr. Nicole Dillow
  • March 2017: TBD
    • Guest Speaker: TBD
  • April 2017: Life of the Mother
    • Guest Speaker: Dr. Patrick Duff

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email any of the officers – we’d love to hear from you! Keep on the lookout for our upcoming events.

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