NIM – Nutrition in Medicine


Co-Presidents Mailin Oliva & Laura Beth Towery
Co-Treasurers Amy Wells

Welcome to the Nutrition in Medicine!

The mission of Nutrition in Medicine is to educate medical students about basic nutrition concepts and nutrition education strategies that are not provided in the traditional medical school curriculum. This will allow them to better serve future patients. We will provide medical students with access to nutrition education from registered dietitians, teach them how and when to refer future patients to seek medical help from registered dietitians and how registered dietitians are part of the health care system. This group will also bring more awareness of the importance of nutrition education to the medical students at the University of Florida by having integrative lunch talks on current topics in nutrition that are relevant to careers in medicine.

Nutrition in Practice

In recent years, healthcare providers have recognized the growing importance of nutrition and diet in health and medicine. From preventative nutrition education for diabetic or hypertensive patients to enteral and parenteral nutrition in critical care medicine, nutrition touches every patient population and it is necessary for all physicians to understand the basics of nutrition education and be able to refer patients to the appropriate resources for more information. This group aims to provide those resources to future physicians and to encourage medical students to invest in nutrition in their future practice.

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