NIM – Nutrition in Medicine

Co-Presidents Ethan Jetter & Hannah Rains
Treasurer Carolyn Adler
Faculty Advisor Dr. Carolyn Carter

Welcome to the Nutrition in Medicine Interest Group!

Hello! We are a group of gastronomically inclined medical students seeking to provide additional experiences to the relatively under-emphasized but incredibly fascinating field of nutritional science, cultural factors, and the role a tango between the two plays in medicine.

Everyone needs to eat, and often what and even how we eat plays a important role in determining health outcomes. We believe a solid understanding of the basics of nutrition is fundamental for the budding physician seeking to practice excellent care for their future patients.

To that end, we hope to nourish famished minds and perhaps stomachs through a mix of talks, panels, and activities with physicians, researchers, dietitians, and others from the pantheon of nutrition experts. We hope you’ll join us at the table, local restaurants,  maybe even in the kitchen, and return hungry for more!

Nutrition in Practice

In recent years, healthcare providers have recognized the growing importance of nutrition and diet in health and medicine. From preventative nutrition education for diabetic or hypertensive patients to enteral and parenteral nutrition in critical care medicine, nutrition touches every patient population, and it is necessary for all physicians to understand the basics of nutrition education and be able to refer patients to the appropriate resources for more information. This group aims to provide those resources to future physicians and to encourage medical students to invest in nutrition in their future practice.