NSIG – Neurological Surgery Interest Group


co-President Patricia Sacks & Sonora Andromeda Windermere
Vice President Natalie Applebaum
co-Treasurer Christopher Gross & Micaela Cuneo
co-Secretary Sam Malnik & Kyle Scott

Welcome to the Neurological Surgery Interest Group!

The Department of Neurosurgery at the UF College of Medicine wishes to provide an opportunity for medical students engage themselves in the field of Neurological Surgery.

The mission of Neurological Surgery Interest Group (NSIG) is to promote contact points for medical students with the field of neurological surgery. NSIG’s singular goal is to facilitate contact points for medical students with the University of Florida’s Department of Neurosurgery and the field of neurological surgery.

In following with this mission, NSIG aims to provide resources including:

• Small group clinics dedicated to teaching about surgical techniques and technologies in the OR
• Case-study presentations
• Contacts for research opportunities
• Opportunities for shadowing in the Neurosurgery OR
• Resident and Faculty panels for medical students to learn about the field

The Field of Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a field of medicine dedicated to the treatment and care of conditions arising in the nervous system and the vasculature that supply it. Owing to the complexities and mysteries of the brain and its connected nervous system, Neurosurgery is truly a unique surgical practice and provides a lifetime of challenge and opportunity.

The best way to investigate the field is to get involved, which is exactly what this group will help you achieve.

Neurological Surgery Residency & Fellowship

Residency is not for the faint of heart. It’s a 7 year journey, which includes an internship year and often clinical research. It is the longest residency you can currently choose in the United States.

There are currently (as of 2012 match) 196 positions available in Neurological Surgery. Many consider the Neurological Surgery residency to be highly competitive and suggest performance in the top third of the class, a Step 1 and 2 score above 240, and evidence of research. For more suggestions attend our meetings and ask questions — get involved.

Shadowing Opportunities

There will be opportunities to shadow Neurosurgeons through this student group. In an effort to facilitate these opportunities, please contact one of the officers, who will then put you in touch with someone who you can shadow.


  • Dr. Spiros Blackburn – Clinical trials on the treatment of cerebral vasospasm and brain aneurysms.  Stroke outcome.  Stroke imaging and management.  Management of ruptured cerebral aneurysms.
  • Dr. Brian Hoh – Clinical research and basic science research.  His clinical research interests are cerebral aneurysms, stroke, AVMs, neurovascular disease, and endovascular devices and therapy.  His basic science research interests are tissue engineering to improve treatment for cerebral aneurysms, and studies to determine why cerebral aneurysms develop.
  • Dr. Kelly Foote – Movement disorders and deep brain stimulation.  Treatment of obsessive compulsive disorders.
  • Dr. Pat Jacob – Complex spinal surgery.  Spinal surgery and an intra-operative imaging and navigation.  Neurosurgical quality and reimbursement.
  • Dr. Greg Murad – Clinical research in neurosurgical trauma. 
  • Dr. Dan Hoh – pending
  • Dr. Frank Bova – 
    • Area of Research: The development and support of medical physic as applied to radiosurgery and surgical disciplines. The Radiosurgery/Biology Lab develops bench to bedside technology that assist surgeons in visualization and evaluation of anatomy as well as referencing and navigating patient’s anatomy in real time during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The areas of interest include:
      • Medical Imaging including CT, MR, fMRI, DTI
      • Surgical Navigation technologies including optical and electromagnetic
      • Surgical simulation and training including mixed reality and virtual radiographic techniques
      • 3D printing for guidance and development of mixed reality training systems

Grand Rounds

The Department of Neurosurgery Grand Rounds are held from 7:00 – 8:00 AM in the McKnight Brain Institute. Please contact one of the NSIG leaders for a detailed schedule as it varies.

Other Resources