PathIG – Pathology Interest Group


President Kay Tew
Treasurer Ryan DeGroff
Faculty Advisor Ashwin Akki, MD PhD

Welcome to the Pathology Interest Group!

The mission of Pathology Interest Group (PathIG) is to educate medical students about the many careers opportunities within this exciting and dynamic field of medicine and to assist in providing hands-on experience in pathology laboratories. Contact us to find out how you can get involved!

What is Pathology?

Pathology is a multidimensional branch of medicine considered both a basic science and a clinical specialty that involves the detection, diagnosis, and understanding of disease processes. Pathologists are divided into two types – anatomical and clinical. Anatomic pathologists examine organs, tissues, and cells to determine the cause of disease or to characterize a disease pathway. Clinical pathologists analyze blood, body fluids, or other specimens using a myriad of laboratory medicine techniques. Pathologists may also perform autopsies to investigate the cause of death. Pathologists serve as consultants to other physicians, discussing their patients’ meaning of lab value or pathologic finding.

Pathology Residency & Fellowship

Residency programs in pathology differ in length, depending on whether one chooses to pursue training in anatomical pathology (3 years), clinical pathology (3 years), or both (4 years). Pathology does not require a medical or transitional internship year. After completing a pathology residency, one is eligible for fellowships that last 1-2 additional years and lead to a special qualifications certificate.

Shadowing Opportunities

Contact the officers or Dr. Akki for shadowing opportunities.

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