RTG – Resistance Training in Medicine Interest Group

Welcome to the Resistance Training in Medicine Interest Group Page!


Presidents Abtahi Tishad, Ryan Skelly
Vice President Payton Campbell
Treasurer Lindsey Brinkley
2nd Year Officers Marco Foreman, Lindsey Brinkley
Faculty Advisor Dr. Andrew Dubin, Physical Medicine and Rehab

Our goal is to empower all future physicians to take charge of their health through resistance training so they can ultimately provide better care for their future patients.

If you decide to join us, you can expect:

1. A how-to guide on getting started with “lifting” at the gym (Working Out 101)

2. Insight into balancing fitness with medical school via medical student/resident panels

3. Monthly seminars exploring evidence which address the role of resistance training as a supplemental treatment modality for various chronic illnesses

4. GymBuddy program where you are paired with a fellow MS1 or an MS2/3 who share a common interest in resistance training (this will be a great way to make friends/connections!)