SPNIE – Students Promoting Neurodiverse Inclusion and Equity


President Hunter Shepherd
Treasurer Maggie Zawoy
Faculty Advisor Dr. Maria Bruzzone

Welcome to Students Promoting Neurodiverse Inclusion and Equity!

We define neurodiversity as any condition in which there are differences in neurological or psychological functioning will have impacts on the lives of us and our patients. This can include but are not limited to conditions such as migraine, epilepsy, ADHD, dyslexia, depression, and anxiety.

We seek to foster a safe environment for education, advocacy, and support of neurodiversity and disability in healthcare professionals. This includes dispelling the stigma of neurodiversity and disability, increasing awareness and visibility of neurodiversity in healthcare professionals, supporting and guiding neurodiverse students through their professional training, as well as cultivating a practice of advocacy in all members.


Are you a member of the neurodivergent/disabled community?

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We hope to foster an inclusive, supportive, and positive disability culture in our community!

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