Students for a National Health Plan (SNaHP)


Co-Presidents Patrick Haley & Emily Whitehead
Co-Treasurers Heather McDougall
Faculty Advisor Melanie Hagen

Students for a National Health Plan (SNaHP)

The purpose of this organization is to bring awareness to single payer healthcare and to advocate for a single payer healthcare system in America as outlines by the Physicians’ Proposal (JAMA, 2003):

  1. Access to comprehensive health care is a human right. It is the responsibility of society, through its government, to assure this right. Coverage should not be tied to employment.
  2. The right to choose and change one’s physician is fundamental to patient autonomy. Patients should be free to seek care from any licensed health care professional.
  3. Pursuit of corporate profit and personal fortune have no place in caregiving. They create enormous waste and too often warp clinical decision making.
  4. In a democracy, the public should set health policies and budgets. Personal medical decisions must be made by patients with their caregivers, not by corporate or government bureaucrats.

We work closely with the national and Florida branches of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) as well as other SNaHP chapters in Florida and across the nation. We hope to accomplish our goal by hosting events, creating a social media presence,  recruiting speakers who advocate for a single payer healthcare system, and attend conferences with support from PNHP.