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Wellness with COMmunity

Event held by COMmunity on 08/30/2021: Current second years shared their experiences of challenges and obstacles and how they overcame them during their first year at UFCOM.

COMmunity – Staying Connected in COVID

Event held by COMmunity on 10/19/2020: Upperclassmen shared their stories about staying connected to friends and family throughout COVID and how they dealt with feelings of loneliness. We brainstormed with the group on how to maintain a sense of community while prioritizing safety in the coming months.

COMmunity – Welcome to Wellness

Event held by COMmunity on 08/17/2020: At the start of the 2020 school year, several upperclassmen welcomed incoming students and those advancing throughout their medical school career. We discussed several topics on wellness and work-life balance while going through higher education, shared our own personal stories of past wellness…

COMmunity meeting- Stress

Event held by COMmunity on 02/13/2020: A small group of students met to share stories about times when they felt particularly stressed or challenged during medical school, and things they have found helpful for them in maintaining balance and coping.

COMmunity Meeting on Depression

Event held by COMmunity on 01/13/2020: A group of students met in the Maren room to share their experiences dealing with feelings of depression during the course of medical school. Pizza was provided, and the meeting lasted about an hour.

COMmunity: Finding Your Balance

Event held by COMmunity on 10/28/2019: UFCOM students of all years gathered to discuss the seemingly impossible feat of balancing academics, life, and mental wellness in medical school. We all came away from the meeting with new ideas, wellness plans, and connections that will be invaluable as we proceed…

COMmunity Meeting on Adjusting to a New Year

Event held by COMmunity on 09/23/2019: COMmunity had an excellent first meeting of the Fall semester. Discussion started with students sharing what year was the hardest transition for them in medical school. We then opened up the discussion and topics ranged from imposter syndrome and stress, to building new…