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Global Healthcare Physician Panel: Military Surgery and Medicine

Event held by GSMIG – Global Surgery and Medicine Interest Group on 01/15/2020: GSMIG and MMIG joint hosted a panel of at least 5 physicians with US military service to speak of their time providing medical and surgical care on a global scale: providing care to service members internationally,…

Pediatric Oncology in a Global Setting

Event held by GSMIG & Oncology IGĀ on 09/11/2019: GSMIG and Oncology IG will be providing a talk given by Dr. Michael Lauzardo, an infectious disease specialist here at UF. He will be detailing some of the recent work he has been doing in oncology in the Dominican Republic. Food…

Introduction to Global Surgery & Medicine

Event held by GSMIG on 08/23/2019: The Global Surgery & Medicine Interest Group (GSMIG) hosted 3 physician speakers with diverse backgrounds in global surgery. This meeting introduced the topic and perspectives of global surgery, and how it plays into global health.