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First Trimester Ultrasound

Event held by ObGyn – Ob/Gyn Interest Group on 10/13/2021: The OBGYN Interest Group hosted Dr. Patricia Moser, a diagnostic radiologist, who spoke to the group about reading First Trimester Ultrasounds!…

Female Abdominal Emergencies Ultrasound Workshop

Event held by ObGyn – Ob/Gyn Interest Group on 10/06/2021: Dr. De Portu, a board certified Emergency Medicine physician, as well as creator and program director of the Medical Student Ultrasound Curriculum, presented a unique look at female abdominal emergencies through the lens of ultrasound as a vital diagnostic…

Family Planning in OBGYN

Event held by ObGyn – Ob/Gyn Interest Group on 08/25/2021: The OBGYN IG will be hosted Dr. Erika Wert, who is a second year OBGYN resident at UF. Dr. Wert discussed Family Planning, which is an area of OBGYN that focuses on helping patients attain their desired family size.

Post-Match Discussion

Event held by ObGyn – Ob/Gyn Interest Group on 04/08/2021: This event featured a panel of current 4th year UFCOM students who recently matched into an OBGYN residency. The event was an informal discussion of the applicant’s advice for those who are considering OBGYN as a specialty.

Ob/Gyn Residency and Fellowship Discussion

Event held by ObGyn – Ob/Gyn Interest Group on 04/16/2021: The Ob/Gyn interest group had a talk with Dr. Duff about what residency and fellowships look like in Ob/Gyn. Dr. Duff led a Q&A to address student questions about the field as well as residency in general.

ObGyn-ObGyn & Global Health

Event held by ObGyn – Ob/Gyn Interest Group on 12/11/2020: Dr. Paradise and Dr. Narvaez, dedicated Project Haiti physician volunteers, spoke on their experiences as OBGYNs who are passionate about improving access to women’s healthcare locally and globally.

OB/GYN-Introduction to OB/GYN

An introduction to the field of ob/gyn by a panel of three ob/gyn faculty members. Subspecialties in OB/GYN were introduced, including, gynecologic oncology, female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, and maternal-fetal medicine.

Ovarian Cancer Patient Presentation – Ob/Gyn Interest Group and ONC IG

On September 10, the OB/GYN Interest Group and the ONC Interest Group worked together to bring Dr. Markham and one of her patients, an ovarian cancer survivor, to speak at a lunch meeting in honor of Ovarian and Uterine Cancer Awareness Month (September). The patient graciously shared her story with…