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Ophthalmology Interest Group Meeting

Dr. Matthew Gray, a cornea fellow, came to speak to interested MS1 and MS2 students about ophthalmology. He gave an overview of the field, and answered general questions that students had such as length of residency, competitiveness, lifestyle, salary, etc.

“Why Oncology?” – OIG First Meeting

A panel of oncologists including a medical, surgical, and radiation oncologist addressed the question of “Why Oncology?” Students came to hear how and why doctors chose to become oncologists.

Pediatric Oncology Patient Encounter

Dr. Lagmay, a pediatric medical oncologist, spoke with first and second year students regarding a career in pediatric oncology. Following the introduction to the career of pediatric oncology, Dr. Lagmay and one of her patients discussed the journey from diagnosis, through treatment, and now onto survival for a young patient…