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The MCC of the UF College of Medicine serves to facilitate student Interest Groups and special interests.

REcent Interest group events

CIG-Introduction to the Field of Cardiology

Category: Activity Report

Event held by CIG on 09/09/2019: Students were introduced to the variety of opportunities in the field of Cardiology by Dr. Park. Students…

APAMSA meeting

Category: Activity Report

Event held by APAMSA – Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association on 09/09/2019: Lunch meeting discussing Dr. Co-Vu’s experience as…

Path to Residency

Category: Activity Report

Event held by NSIG – Neurological Surgery Interest Group on 09/05/2019: On Sept. 5th, Rachel Freedman an MS4 along with Dr Jason Blatt…

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Our many interest groups plan interesting and exciting programming, meetings, and talks throughout the semester. Check out past IG meetings held, and be sure to look at the MCC calendar for upcoming events!