A Week in the Life of a Neurosurgeon

Event held by NSIG – Neurological Surgery Interest Group on 04/09/2018: Dr. Jason Blatt gave an intriguing presentation on a week in the life of a neurosurgeon. He described the […]

LMSA – Medical Spanish: The Pulmonary Exam

Event held by LMSA – Latino Medical Student Association on 03/27/2018: The Latino Medical Student Association hosted a Medical Spanish workshop led by pulmonologist Dr. Jorge Lascano. The attendees were […]

SHMPS elections

Event held by GSO – Graduate Student Organization on 03/22/2018: SHMPS officer elections for the 2018/2019 school year and discussion about upcoming Relay for Life with GSO and HOPE lodge […]

Careers in Radiology

Event held by RIG – Radiology Interest Group on 03/28/2018: At this event, students had an introduction to radiology and learned about the roles of a radiologist. They were exposed […]

IHAIG talk with Dr. Montoya

Event held by IHAIG – Immigrant Health and Advocacy Interest Group on 03/20/2018: Dr. Montoya gave a helpful talk about caring for immigrant children and families. She described trends in […]

Lunch with Pediatric Pulmonology

Event held by PIG – Pediatrics Interest Group on 03/13/2018: This was a lunch meeting with Dr. Abu Hasan where he presented on the subspecialty of Pediatric Pulmonology. Dr. Abu […]

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Welcome to the MCC Website

The Medical College Council of the UF College of Medicine was established:

  • to provide an agency to aide the student body in the collaboration of common specialty interest organizations and the coordination of these organizations’ events, programs, and travel.
  • to serve as the funding agency for the student organizations in the College of Medicine.
  • to develop the College Council concept at the University of Florida, and to interact with other College Councils through our participation in the Board of College Councils (BOCC) as part of student government.
  • to plan and implement programs to facilitate the advancement of medical students’ knowledge concerning issues pertinent to the future of the medical profession.

This website includes information on MCC meeting activities and its executive board, and provides a venue for finding important MCC documents and contact information for MCC organization leaders. For questions or concerns about the MCC website and webpages, please contact Zohair Zaidi.