BEIM – Business and Entrepreneurship in Medicine


President Logan Wright
Treasurer Marco Foreman

The Business and Entrepreneurship in Medicine Interest Group (BEIM) at the University of Florida College of Medicine has a mission to expose medical students to all of the diverse opportunities within business, innovation, and entrepreneurship. BEIM hopes to provide students with the resources to explore different careers and and gain more insight on how innovations can make an impact within our healthcare system. There will also be several opportunities to interact with local innovators, faculty entrepreneurs, and medical administrators.


  • To increase awareness of the important role that business plays in medicine, especially in today‚Äôs rapidly changing economical landscape of healthcare.
  • To expose students to ways in which physicians can make significant impacts in healthcare through involvement in entrepreneurship, management, health policy, consulting, finance, and pharmaceutical and insurance industries.
  • To prepare future physicians to adapt to innovations in healthcare they encounter and enable participation in medical and healthcare business enterprises, fostering development and integration of innovative models for delivery of healthcare and medical therapeutics.

Internships and Learning Opportunities

During elective time or time-off, students can apply for programs such as:

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