WILD – Wilderness Medicine Interest Group


Co-Presidents Julia Buddendorff & Lance Lehman
Treasurer Camille Meschia & Aalekhya Tenali

Welcome to the Wilderness Medicine Interest Group!

The Florida Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Interest Group aims to prepare future physicians to practice medicine in low resource settings. Our educational activities include conferences and skill development sessions. These sessions will cover methods of using limited medical resources in austere environments, search-and-rescue team management, related legal issues, and general survival skills.

What is Wilderness Medicine?

Wilderness Medicine is the study of providing acute medical care in a wilderness setting, which is defined as being more than one hour from definitive medical care. These settings can include desert, mountain, water, and snow. In these settings, a physician needs to combine medical knowledge and quick thinking to utilize limited resources in an emergency situation.

Residency & Fellowship

Students who wish to become accredited wilderness medicine trained physicians are generally expected to complete an ACGME-accredited Emergency Medicine residency program. Formalized fellowships can be found at multiple institutions including Massachusetts General Hospital and Stanford Medical School. Physicians may also gain fellowship through the Wilderness Medical Society by attaining credits throughout a medical career. In addition, there are rotations available to both medical students and residents focusing on wilderness medicine. These will presented and explored as options for students through our interest group.

Shadowing Opportunities

The opportunities that exist within University of Florida are limited to emergency medicine; however, part of our group’s goals is to seek out and establish opportunities for medical students to shadow interested physicians and to integrate wilderness medicine into their educational experiences. .

Upcoming Events

  • April 23-24, 2016: 9th Annual Southeastern Wilderness Medicine Student Conference
  • April 2016: Southeast Regional MedWAR Race

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