EMIG – Emergency Medicine Student Association | Procedure Palooza | 12/01/2016


Name of Organization: EMIG – Emergency Medicine Student Association

Other Group:

Event Information

Title of Event: Procedure Palooza

Date of Event: 12/01/2016

Location of Event: North Learning Studio

Resubmission? No

Number of People Expected at the Event: 200

Has this event been held before? Yes

If so, How many participated before: 175

What is the Purpose of the Event? To demonstrate the field and procedures involved in Emergency Medicine
To teach students in the College of Medicine proper procedure techniques

What is the Benefit to the State, the university, and/or your organization? College of Medicine students gain access and training to emergency medicine procedures
Emergency Medicine Student Association exposure
Enhancement of knowledge of College of Medicine Students

Request Information

Item 1 Information

Vendor Description Cost
Dominoes Food 250

Item 2 Information

Vendor Description Cost
Various Event Decorations 100

Item 3 Information

Vendor Description Cost
Nancy Noe Procedural Equipment 600

Item 4 Information

Vendor Description Cost
HMEB Venue Reservation 150

Item 5 Information

Vendor Description Cost
Various Prizes 300

Item 6 Information

Vendor Description Cost
Various Posters, Fliers 50

Item 7 Information

Item 8 Information

Item 9 Information

Item 10 Information

Other Funding Sources

Description Amount
Dr. Fantone’s Office 600
Student Government unknown
Emergency Medicine unknown

I attempted to meet with Brad Collins for assistance with getting this form completed during our Intensive week, but was unable to. With everyone in and out of town on preceptorship this last week, this morning was the soonest that we could touch base to get this form submitted.

Thank you for your consideration.