CIG- Read Your Own Rhythm

Event held by CIG – Cardiology Interest Group on 10/18/2021:

Electrocardiograms (aka ECGs or EKGs) are notorious for causing supraventricular arrhythmias in medical students at the thought of reading them. The Cardiology Interest Group held a meeting to learn the basics of reading a normal EKG rhythm with the help of one of UF Health’s superb cardiologists, Dr. David Winchester. Dr. Winchester made the experience hands-on for students by bringing an EKG machine to UFCOM and allowing volunteers to have their own EKGs recorded. Then, Dr. Winchester explained why certain rhythms and patterns would appear based on the placement of leads on students. Students reported that they felt significantly more calm and confident in approaching an EKG reading after listening and practicing with Dr. Winchester. The Cardiology Interest Group was thrilled to host this event and is excited for future explorations into the field of cardiology!