Southeast Regional MedWAR Race

Event held by WILD – Wilderness Medicine Interest Group, and FMIG – Family Medicine Interest Group on 04/14/2018:

Racers will mountain bike, canoe, and orienteer while navigating to checkpoints containing wilderness medicine scenarios and questions. Teams of four will race on a course featuring questions and hands-on scenarios designed to test your academic and practical knowledge of wilderness medicine. Teams will navigate by map and compass to checkpoints where they will encounter physical challenges or wilderness medicine scenarios. The team must successfully complete the task and demonstrate all procedures before moving forward in the race. Past races have involved treating everything from climbing or diving accidents to stove burns and altitude sickness. Expected race finish times are 6-10 hours. Medical training is NOT required to compete, however, you will have a significant advantage if you and your teammates have some level of wilderness medical knowledge. Overall, the race is an extreme physical and mental challenge, but tons of fun, too!