ENTIG – Rhinology with Dr. Lobo

Event held by ENTIG – ENT Interest Group on 02/22/2021:

On 2/22/21, Dr. Brian Lobo, a rhinologist, spoke to medical students via Zoom on behalf of ENT IG at 5:30pm. He aimed for his lecture to be a continuation of knowledge of head and neck anatomy from a clinical angle. His objectives included sharing information about his specialty and introducing students to what to expect in regards to clerkships. He started his lecture with an introduction to various surgical instruments used by rhinolaryngologists. He later showed videos of various procedures, including maxillary antrostomy, frontal sinusotomy, and sphenoidectomy.

He also emphasized the importance of technique along with aims to preserve mucosa in patients undergoing skull-base surgery. The meeting ended with a Q&A session which touched on surgical technique, adaptations made in regards to COVID-19, patient populations, and resources for literature.